Employment Solutions

Employment Solutions from Gaby Hardwicke provides an affordable service to businesses of all sizes and is tailored to meet their employment law needs. It offers:

  • A bespoke suite of contracts, policies and other documents.
  • Access to unlimited advice and support from employment law experts.
  • Insurance cover against the costs of going to an employment tribunal and any awards that may be made, providing peace of mind and budgeting certainty.

What sets us apart

Employment Solutions is delivered by experienced specialist solicitors from our close-knit team. It is headed up by Employment Law Partner Paul Maynard, who is recognised, in particular, for his work in the field of business protection.

Unlike some of our competitors we will not sit on the fence. Our advice is not formulaic or conservative, telling you only what you cannot do or must avoid. On the contrary, our advice is clear and robust and aimed at achieving the commercial outcomes you desire. We will give you a clear plan of the steps you can take to achieve those goals.

We recognise that each business we help has different objectives. Some just want to be legally compliant; some want their workforce structured to give them maximum efficiency and flexibility; others want improved productivity and performance or to take action against specific members of staff.

Others may be concerned to protect themselves against unfair competition from departing members of staff or the misuse or removal of data or intellectual property.

Whatever your business needs we have a track record in building long-term trusted relationships that last – in some cases for generations. We will spend time developing a sound understanding of your business, your objectives and priorities, to ensure that our advice is both relevant and geared to achieving your strategic aims. Wherever possible you will deal with the same solicitor whenever you contact us.

If the worst happens

Should the worst happen and a claim is made against your business, you will find that our representation is second to none. You can also take comfort in the knowledge that the often significant costs associated with an employment tribunal claim and any awards of compensation will be covered by the insurance element of the service (see our terms and conditions for details of a few exclusions).

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Based in East Sussex but serving a much wider area, Gaby Hardwicke Solicitors has offices in Hastings, Bexhill and Eastbourne.

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