Local Cause of the Year

After many years of supporting various local organisations we have decided to focus our fundraising efforts on a designated Charity or Local Cause of the Year. Our Local Cause of the Year for 2018 is the Dementia Action Alliance (DAA). The firm will support the DAA’s local branches in Eastbourne, Bexhill and Hastings. We'll be organising and supporting various events and initiatives throughout the year to raise awareness of the DAA.

To help our team members better understand dementia and the work of the DAAs we organised learning sessions with representatives from the DAAs in each of our towns. We also offered all our staff the opportunity to undertake ‘Dementia Friends’ training with Dementia Friends UK. The training sessions were about recognising and dealing with dementia through work, family and the local community. They also offered participants a greater insight into how those living with dementia are affected.

Pictured above and below: some of our staff and partners after their 'Dementia Friends' training.

Dementia Friends training Eastbourne

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