Jack Baldry (1911-1978)

John Maurice (‘Jack’) Baldry was born in Bromley, Kent on 10 December 1911 and was articled to Allen Hardwicke at Bexhill for four years from 1928.

Baldry was an exceptionally gifted student and passed all his exams early but had to wait until he was 21 to be admitted as a solicitor. He was awarded the Sheffield and Mellersh prizes and was finally admitted as a solicitor in 1933. He continued working for Gaby, Hardwicke, Evans-Vaughan & Bubear at the firm’s Hastings office at 2 Cambridge Road and was made a partner in 1936.

In January 1940 he was called into the Royal Navy to serve aboard the HMS Kingston Onyx, and left the partnership that autumn with the intention of rejoining after the war. While stationed in America in 1942 (by then serving with the HMS Northern Isles) he met and married a woman from Massachusetts.

When the war ended, true to his word, Mr Baldry rejoined Allen Hardwicke in partnership and remained with Gaby Hardwicke for a further 20 years. After Mr Hardwicke’s death in 1965, Mr Baldry briefly practised on his own at Deesa, Cloudesley Road, St Leonards, and then from 1965-75 was employed by Hastings Corporation, Town Hall, Hastings. He was President of Hastings and District Law Society, 1960-61. 

Mr Baldry died in Hastings on 28 August 1978, aged 66.

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