Yearwood & Griffiths (merged with Gaby Hardwicke in 1995)

Yearwood & Griffiths was itself formed through the consolidation of several law firms and can trace its history to 1905. D’Esney Harrison, one of its originators, practised as D. W. Harrison at 2 Devonshire Road from the 1920s and was joined in partnership by Timothy Yearwood in 1957. After Mr Harrison’s death, Mr Yearwood continued the practice until 1971 when his firm merged with Tomkins and Bowes, which was itself formed from the amalgamation of the practices of Harold Tomkins and Sidney Bowes in 1945. 

The amalgamated practice was known in 1971 as Harrison & Yearwood Tomkins & Bowes, but a year later was fittingly re-titled to Yearwood & Griffiths, since Mr Bowes had retired, Messrs Harrison and Tompkins were deceased and John Griffiths was then a partner.

New partners joined as old partners retired until 1995 when Yearwood & Griffiths merged with Gaby Hardwicke. The original partners of the amalgamated practice were John Raeburn, John Midgley, John Gregory, Malcolm Walker, Peter Taylor, Michael Bugden, Patrick Donaldson, Geoffrey Baker, David Young and Rupert Quail.

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