Are your consumer contracts lawful?

Senior Associate Solicitor Gemma Ritchie

Contracts between businesses and consumers are subject to a broad range of consumer protection laws. These exist to provide consumers with irrevocable rights, yet at the same time they create a legal minefield for businesses, which must tread carefully to keep their contracts within the law.

Gaby Hardwicke Senior Associate Solicitor Gemma Ritchie (pictured) has recently updated our Contracting with Consumers: Key Considerations Briefing Note with new information. The note examines such issues as the key terms implied into consumer contracts, remedies available to consumers whose goods do not comply with the terms of sale contract, doorstep regulations (which apply to contracts entered into away from a seller’s place of business) and distance selling regulations (for mail order, telephone, SMS and online orders). The Note also looks at the fairness test, seller obligations regarding price, plus various other key considerations.

Read our Briefing Note for an overview of this subject, but please bear in mind that it is only intended as an introductory guide and should not be relied on as legal advice.

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