Can your loved ones inherit your digital assets?

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Whether it’s online music, photos, blogs, videos, computer games, bitcoins or social media or email accounts, many of us have a host of digital assets that we may want to pass on in our Will. The burning question is: can our loved ones inherit these intangible possessions?

Currently, in many cases, this is a grey area. There is some uncertainty whether certain digital content even constitutes property in law, with many digital content providers asserting in their terms and conditions that content is owned by them and not by the user. The law is relatively silent at present on both the ownership of that content and the entitlement of loved ones to access it after the user’s death.

There are, however, steps your solicitor can take to include wishes related to your digital estate within your Will. For a general guide to the current legal position and how your digital assets can be dealt with in your Will, please read our Digital Legacies Briefing Note.

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