Do I really need a solicitor? Professionally drafted T+Cs save client over £100,000 and counting

Senior Associate Solicitor Gemma RitchieIn this series, we explore real-life examples that our lawyers have encountered where failing to seek solicitor advice has caused clients all manner of problems. Along the way there are useful ‘takeaways’ to help you avoid making the same mistakes.

Our commercial contracts team was recently contacted by a client in the hospitality sector to say how grateful he was for the work we did on tightening up his T&Cs last year. As a result of coronavirus he has had numerous customers wishing to cancel their bookings but to do so they have to pay a specified percentage of the total booking fee, to avoid our client being left out of pocket. He estimates that his decision to instruct us to overhaul his T&Cs has saved him between £100,000-£150,000 this year alone… so far.

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