Gabys goes green

Gaby Hardwicke Solicitors have recently launched a green initiative by making a number of changes to their business practices aimed at improving their environmental footprint.

David Getty, Managing Partner said: “To enable the ‘Gabys Goes Green’ initiative to become effective we needed the help of our staff who were only too happy to embrace it. Going green in the office has obvious benefits like reducing waste but it can also have a positive effect on employee health, well-being, and morale. We are delighted with the changes we have made so far and look forward to a greener future.”

Everyone in the 150-strong firm has been supplied with a branded re-usable drinks cup and new waste recycling bins are in place across the firm’s five offices for dry mixed recycling such as non-confidential paper, newspapers, cardboard and packaging. The firm are replacing their lighting with LED bulbs to further reduce their carbon footprint and plan to replace windows at the firm’s Eastbourne offices in the next year.

Looking beyond the firm’s offices, Andy Dinsdale of Strandliners was invited to present Lunch & Learn sessions on the local environment.

Andy has been involved in over 1,000 beach cleans and expressed his passion for educating the community in ‘citizens science’ encouraging everyone to think about how they dispose of their rubbish and use recyclable products. His presentation included some of the items that arrived on our beaches from as far away as the US, emphasising the impact our actions have, for good and for bad.

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