How to gain possession of a privately let property

Senior Associate Solicitor Daniela Catuara

We’ve updated our Residential Possession Proceedings Briefing Note, a guide for landlords throughout England and Wales.

As outlined in our guidance, there are many reasons for wanting to regain possession of a let residential property. These include where a tenant falls in arrears of rent, causes the property to fall into disrepair or unlawfully sublets it. Alternatively, the landlord may simply want to sell the property.

However, a landlord cannot simply regain possession by re-entering the property and changing the locks. Doing so could lead to a damages claim or possibly a criminal conviction. It is therefore vital for the landlord to follow the correct procedure to ensure they do not breach the terms of the tenancy or inadvertently commit a criminal offence.

Read our Residential Possession Proceedings Briefing Note for an up-to-date guide to recovering possession of a property let on an assured shorthold tenancy by serving a no-fault section 21 notice or a fault-based section 8 notice. Please bear in mind, however, that our Briefing Notes are for general guidance only and do not constitute legal advice.

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