Infant claimants awarded £386,000 from father’s estate

Young siblings

The importance of keeping your Will up to date as your circumstances change has been highlighted by a case in which a man’s estate was challenged by his infant children.

The late Mr Ubbi had a long-term affair with Ms Corrado, with whom he had two children. At the time of his death in 2015 Mr Ubbi was in the process of divorcing his wife and was living with Ms Corrado, but he died before the divorce was finalised. Mr Ubbi’s Will did not provide for the children. Consequently, Ms Corrado brought a claim under the Inheritance Act.

Ms Corrado, appearing as a litigation friend on behalf of her children (stated in the judgment to be aged three years and six months), originally sought a lump sum of £850,000 from Mr Ubbi’s estate, but was awarded £386,000. The dispute could have been avoided if Mr Ubbi had updated his Will to provide for the two children.

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