Ash dieback

Rural and Agricultural Property Partner, Jonathan Midgley, discusses ash dieback.

If you own woodland or have trees next to a public road, footpath or bridleway and there are Ash trees, then be prepared for the Local Authority to serve notices on you as a landowner to fell or reduce these trees in certain circumstances.  In urgent cases where the tree canopy has dieback of more than 75% then a 60 day notice is served.  Because it is a health and safety issue the Council will take steps to cut it down and invoice the landowner if such works are not done in time.  The invoice will be charged against the property under the Local Land Charges unless paid.

In less severe cases the Council can serve notices to give extended periods of time.

The lesson here is to review your woodland or get an expert to inspect so you can try to anticipate what could be an expensive issue.

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