Moving post-lockdown

Residential Property Partner Christopher Bean writes on the home-moving process after the Covid-19 lockdown 

Since I last penned my blog we have experienced the most extraordinary few months as the nation has been hit by a pandemic that led to lockdown and the suspension of many normal day to day activities, including moving home.

As I write this now a week or so before the end of June we are seeing a relaxation in the lockdown and the housing market is adjusting as it always does, having been open for business for the last few weeks.

During the period of lockdown we, our fellow solicitors and the estate agents worked hard with many staff at home or on furlough to ensure that those who had already arranged their moves, or simply had to move, could. It was not always easy, clients were often forced to shield and couldn’t leave their home, and getting removals and other usual services to help with a home move became very difficult. There was a lot of uncertainty but most achieved what they wanted to.

It is at times like this that we value the relationships we have not only with our clients but the other professions in the home moving process. We were able to change completion dates, agree variations to contracts and generally achieved the best possible outcome for our clients. It was not always possible but we really did our best in difficult times and our teams here at Gaby Hardwicke went that extra mile on every occasion.

Now as we approach whatever the #newnormal is going to be we can once more meet with our clients and offer them the service that they expect and deserve. Whilst some firms are not yet fully open, we are, and we are assisting our clients with matters that may have started before lockdown or have got underway since the estate agents have re-opened. We may not be shaking hands when we meet but we are working hard to get the housing market moving.

Read what our residential property clients say about our service:

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