Preparation is key for a successful rural sale

Rural and Agricultural Property Partner, Jonathan Midgley, gives his tips for a successful rural land, farm or estate sale.

If you are contemplating selling land, a farm or an estate all have a common theme: preparation in advance of a sales launch is essential to maximise the chances of a successful sale. This means working hand in glove weeks, or better still months, in advance with your land agent, solicitor and accountant to get as much in order as possible. As solicitors we regularly encounter informal leasing arrangements which need to be resolved by formal leases being put in place or to bring the arrangement to an end.

There are many other common issues which can cause delay if not addressed early, such as planning issues and rights of way, or even simple tasks such as getting asbestos reports in place. Likewise as solicitors familiar with preparing the necessarily detailed replies to enquires, we can have things ready for when a buyer is found, again avoiding delay when the transaction is underway. This approach has always been sensible but never more so than in the current Covid era which we are all tackling.

The sooner and better prepared you are for a sale, the smoother and quicker the journey to exchange and completion.

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