Queries about intestate estates double

Will and pen

The number of enquiries about people who died intestate – that is, without leaving a Will – has more than doubled in the last five years, Citizens Advice says.

There were 1,522 such queries in 2011, the charity noted, but this figure rose four years running and reached 3,747 in 2015. Citizens Advice also saw a rise in queries about problems executing wills, with 8,160 such enquiries made in 2011, rising to 11,137 in 2015.

A YouGov survey has suggested that almost two thirds of British adults do not have a Will: just 38 per cent of people said they had a valid Will when the poll was conducted in 2015.

Expert advice on making or updating your Will

If you do not have a valid Will in place, the individuals your estate is passed to may not be the people you would have chosen. Keeping a valid, up-to-date Will, drafted by a suitably-qualified solicitor is essential if you want to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

Gaby Hardwicke’s Will-writers are experienced solicitors who will make sure your Will is detailed, accurate and considers every aspect of your estate. They will also maximise any tax-saving opportunities.

For an initial discussion, contact one of our specialist Wills and probate solicitors:

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