Register of charities to go all-digital from 2017

Senior Associate Solicitor Gemma Ritchie

From 1 January 2017, charities and their advisers must submit their annual returns and account documents via an online facility if they want them displayed in the Charity Commission’s register of charities.

The Commission will still acknowledge receipt of paper copies of charities’ documents on its website and file the documents internally for regulatory purposes. However, it will no longer display on its site documents submitted by post or email, which means they will not be made available for download and the charities themselves will have to deal with any public requests for the documents.

The Commission points out that the advantages of filing documents online include:

  • Documents are processed within 24 hours (as opposed to a week or more when submitted by post).
  • A charity will get instant confirmation that the documents have been received.
  • The related information appears online quicker, so third parties can see that the charity is up to date.

Every registered charity with an income that exceeds £25,000 and all charitable incorporated organisations are required to supply accounts, a trustees’ annual report and independent scrutiny of their accounts to the Commission.

Legal advice for charities in Eastbourne, Hailsham, Bexhill and Hastings

The law regulating the constitution and operation of charities has changed substantially in recent years, which makes it imperative for charities to keep up to date through specialist legal advice.

Recognising that the law applying to charities often has much in common with that regulating business – albeit with an extra tier of regulation – at Gaby Hardwicke we house our Charity Law team within our Commercial department.

Our solicitors act for a wide range of charity clients, from small local charitable trusts to national organisations operating via corporate vehicles. To find out more about our services visit our charities page.

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