Ten tips for better use of your intellectual property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) is an underused asset for many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Patents, trade marks (every trader has at least one), designs and copyright are all forms of IP that owner-managed firms frequently fail to use to their full potential.

Like any asset, your intellectual property must be protected and maintained. To help with this task, we’ve compiled a Briefing Note of 10 tips for better use of IP. The frequently-asked questions it answers include:

  • Patents – how long do patents last and what are the key criteria for obtaining one?
  • Trade marks – what forms can a trade mark take? What’s the difference between registered and unregistered marks? How do I keep a registered mark going?
  • Registered designs and unregistered design rights – how do these differ from patents?
  • Copyright – what types of works does copyright cover? What action can a copyright holder take to protect their work?
  • Confidential information – how do I protect my business’ confidential information and prevent its misuse by employees?
  • E-commerce – how do I best protect my IP in the digital sphere?
  • Passing off – how is passing off established in the eyes of the courts?
  • Branding tips – how do I choose the right brand? How do I protect my brands?

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