TV star leaves £500k estate with no Will

Will, pen and bookletIt has emerged that the well-known TV actress and screenwriter Caroline Aherne, who died earlier this year aged 52, did not make a Will.

Press reports reveal that Ms Aherne’s entire estate, valued at £504,060, will pass to her mother and be subject to inheritance tax (IHT). IHT, which is currently set at 40 per cent of the portion of an estate above £325,000, would make a significant impact on a legacy this size and yet could have been avoided with careful planning and a properly drafted Will.

In light of this and other recent well-publicised cases of people dying intestate – that is, without leaving a Will – our Private Client solicitors are urging clients to ensure they have a valid and up-to-date Will.

Wills solicitors in East Sussex

It is estimated that around two thirds of people in the UK have not made a valid Will. If you do not have a Will in place, the individuals to whom you leave your estate may not be the people you would have chosen. Likewise, this problem can occur when your relationships and other life circumstances change and you fail to update your Will.

Gaby Hardwicke’s Will-writers are experienced solicitors who will make sure your Will is detailed, accurate and considers every aspect of your estate. They will also maximise any tax-saving opportunities.

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