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Our Family Law team brings together the skills and experience of first-class family solicitors from a wide range of disciplines. Because of the depth of our team’s expertise and the wide range of services we offer, we can support our clients through every stage of their lives. We offer every new Family Law Services client a no obligation First Consultation with a Gaby Hardwicke partner.

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How our Family Law team works

We understand that your domestic or personal situation must have reached a serious stage if you need legal advice to help you clear things up. Our lawyers have many years’ experience of helping people in similar situations and will work tirelessly to secure the best outcome for you.

We offer a no obligation First Consultation with one of our three Family Law Services Partners: David Young, Debra Frazer or Giles Robinson. This meeting will either be free of charge or subject to a nominal fixed fee, and we will agree this with you in advance.

We pride ourselves on being able to identify every feasible option and explain them to you in clear, jargon-free terms. We will then help you choose the option that best suits you, tell you what to expect and explain how we will achieve our objectives.

There are many different ways to resolve family disputes and choosing the right option for you is essential.  A wealth of information is available on the internet (some of it accurate, some of it misleading) but there is no substitute for experienced, sound, innovative and bespoke advice from the professionals. Our experienced and nationally accredited family law solicitors will set to work to resolve your dispute or issue with as little acrimony, expense and delay as possible.

Our Client Charter

You, as the client, are at the centre of everything we do. If you tell us your story, we will explain your options, and together we will find the right one for you. We take great pride in the delivery of our service and the Gaby Hardwicke Client Charter is our way of framing our commitment to you. We will adhere to it and expect to be held to account if we fail to deliver.

The Client Charter reflects the close relationship we have with our clients. While our family law team provides caring support and sympathy, it is the focused way in which, with you, we identify what we can reasonably achieve and set about delivering it that sets us apart from other firms.

Reflecting the nature of the collaborative approach we adopt in our professional relationships with our clients, there are expectations we have of you. In particular, we need you to:

  • Provide clear, timely and accurate instructions.
  • Promptly let us have any documentation or information we request from you.

In return, we will:

  • Work with you to resolve your matter, share your objectives and act in your best interests.
  • Always be honest, straightforward and realistic with you and keep your business as confidential as we can.
  • Explain the legal work that may be required, the time scales involved and, where appropriate, our prospects of success.
  • Give you our best indication of the cost of your matter, or at least of the next stage, both at the outset and as it progresses.
  • Deal with your matter promptly and keep you regularly informed of our progress.
  • Regularly review your matter with you, particularly when there is a significant change in circumstances, objectives, risks, the likely cost and benefits or the time scale.
  • Try to avoid using technical legal language when writing to you or discussing your matter with you.
  • Reply to your telephone calls, emails and letters promptly.

How we keep our costs transparent

We recognise that legal fees can seem expensive and difficult to understand – and until you know what you are buying you can’t decide whether the costs are fair. At Gaby Hardwicke it is our policy to discuss the various options and likely costs with each of our clients at the very outset, without obligation. We offer a wide range of legal support services and will discuss these with you as part of your First Consultation.

Your First Consultation

Your First Consultation is without obligation and usually lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. If we propose to make a nominal charge for this meeting we will agree this with you beforehand. If at the end of that meeting you decide not to instruct us there will be no obligation to do so. We feel it’s important to establish first whether our professional services are needed. If they are not, then we will tell you. The First Consultation also gives us a chance to get to know one another, and you can decide whether our team of experts is right for you.

We will invite you to tell us – confidentially and face to face – about your problem. We can then evaluate the situation, explain your options and how we can resolve things. We do not normally need to see any documentation at the First Consultation, but if there is something you would like us to look at (such as letters from a court or your partner’s solicitors), feel free to bring it along.

What happens next

If you do decide to instruct us (unless we agree otherwise), we will send you:

  • A summary of our discussions, outlining the instructions given and confirming our advice.
  • If appropriate, a formal action plan.
  • An engagement letter confirming the main terms of our service, including the likely costs (which will include the cost of the First Consultation).
  • Our standard terms & conditions.

The First Consultation is an opportunity for you to tell us your story. After that our aim is to inform you and help you make the important decisions that need to be made to resolve your problems and enjoy a happier life.

Once we start work on your case, we will give you regular (typically monthly) updates and ensure that our original estimate holds firm. If it doesn’t, we will discuss the reasons with you and consider whether the plan needs to be changed. This means there are no nasty surprises for you and you remain in control of the process throughout.

What our clients say

Highly commended in the Law Society’s 2018 Excellence Awards.

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