Are you AI ready?

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Businesses in supply chains are making ever increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), with web-based chatbots and integrated AI assistants promising to make life a little bit easier for customers and suppliers alike. But with this reliance on AI comes the potential for increased legal and operational risk. From generative AI creating images using copyrighted materials to the misuse of customers’ personal data in developing an AI system, disputes are likely to follow unless you take steps to regularise use of AI throughout your supply chains.

Whether you are a business providing services directly to customers or a business seeking to engage with a new supplier, here at Gaby Hardwicke our specialist commercial lawyers can assist with advising on steps you can take to mitigate the risks associated with use of AI. This could include preparing a bespoke AI due diligence questionnaire to help you assess a supplier’s use of AI in supplying goods or services, or drafting AI-specific clauses for your contracts.

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