The Benefits of a Site Visit

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Rural and Agricultural Property Partner, Jonathan Midgley, discussed the benefits of a site visit.

Most lawyers are chained to their desk and rely on reviewing the paperwork only, but I have often found when buying or selling rural property, farmland or farms the benefit of leaving the office, putting a pair of boots on and walking the land beneficial.  This clarifies a number of practical things, avoids asking unnecessary questions and also highlights certain issues for consideration.

A recent illustration of this was the sale of land where the purchasers were concerned over a Tree Preservation Order revealed in their Local Search but a physical inspection of the estate would have shown that the Tree Preservation Order applied to a small block of woodland outside the title that was being sold.

Another example was a recent visit to a farm when acting for purchasers to discover a well trodden path along the banks of a stream which was not a public footpath but clearly showed local people were using an area of land.

It pays therefore to be out and about in the rural brief.

Read what Jonathan’s clients say about his service:

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